Open Enrollment Update

OPEIU Health and Welfare Plan
Local 45
Illinois Podiatric Medical Association
Member Health Plan Announcement
for IPMA Members in the OPEIU Health and Welfare Plan.

Open Enrollment now for January 1, 2020 plan coverage

  • Fully Insured Health Plan in three designs written through Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield.
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield “Blue Card” plan recognized in all fifty states and most European Countries. 
  • Care through Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO panels and hospitals     
  • Plans cover the IPMA Member and their family 
  • Plan designs and plan prices are contained on the IPMA Web page WWW.IPMA.NET 
  • Eye and Dental coverage is available at the election of the IPMA Member
  • Medicare Advantage plan is now available for IPMA members
  • Medicare Advantage plan is available in two plan designs. 
  • Medicare Advantage plan pricing is contained on IPMA Web page WWW.IPMA.NET 

The response from IPMA Members enrolled in the OPEIU Health and Welfare Plan has been overwhelmingly positive. The Plan has saved members substantially on their premiums, while, at the same time increasing their coverage and decreasing their deductibles. 

We could not have asked for a better member benefit. Please go to WWW.IPMA.NET and look at the available plan choices plans or call CDS Administrators at1-877-578-8710.

The OPEIU Health Plan has been developed at the request of the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association and other component Associations. The Health Plan has been expanded to allow us to include our life members. Life members who continue to pay their OPEIU Per Capita payments to IPMA, qualify for participation in all OPEIU benefits with the exception of the life and dismemberment insurance benefit. This participation includes the newly available Medicare Advantage Plan. 

This plan, in two plan designs, is now open to our IPMA life members. This recognizes the long term dedication of our older members and extends benefits to them which enhance their retirement and keeps the members  engaged with our Association.      

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