Letter from the President

My Fellow Members, Colleagues, and Friends,

I am not one for long-winded speeches, so hopefully that’s ok with everyone. It’s been an honor to serve as a board member for the past several years and I look forward to serving the membership and our podiatric profession in my tenure as IPMA President.  I hope to achieve many things in my presidency like working on legislation, building relationships with our other professional colleagues, and continuing to fight against unfair insurance practices.

Our pioneers and forefathers, some of who are sitting in the audience today, faced a very difficult road. They persevered through severe prejudice. I am sure that they are proud of where we are, but also disappointed by where we have not made it yet.

Physician reimbursements continue to decrease over time.  Our documentation and reporting  burdens have never been higher.  Add things like pre-auths, Medicare DME exclusion, RAC audits, and increasing deductibles have put a stress on all of us.

The IPMA is here to represent the whole membership.  While everyone may be in different
practice situations, there are common themes of what we are all looking for.  We need equal
pay for equal work.  We should be able to practice to the fullest extent of our licenses.    We
should not be told we are less than we are.

This cannot be all done in a vacuum.  We are looking for feedback from the membership. Tell
us about unjust denials and unfair insurance practices.  Tell us about concerns. We fight for
you.  BUT, this cannot be done without your engagement.

I would like to thank all of the podiatrists who have healed me along the way.  I also would like to thank my family who has always supported me.

Lastly, as the cliché goes, my door is always open. I hope that the membership will lean on
myself, my fellow board members, and our IPMA offices as not only a resource for information but a sounding board for the needs of our members so we may utilize that feedback to better our association and its offerings and value to members. The IPMA is here to be your support, your advocate, and part of your team.

Thank You.


Patrick McEneaney, D.P.M., F.A.C.F.A.S., A.A.P.W.C.A.

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