Letter from the President

Dear Valued Member,

I would like to share with you what the IPMA has been up to on your behalf. In May, during the Democratic Session, we held a Health Fair in Springfield at the Capitol building. We handed out educational pamphlets, and with the use of pedal scanners, performed gait analyses on Legislators. Also, we had an opportunity to meet with the Illinois State Medical Society’s lobbyist and discussed jointly opposing the rigorous pre-authorization process that negatively impacts effective patient care for DPMs, MD, and DOs alike.

Following the health fair, we held a town hall meeting to connect with members in Springfield. This was the last of three town hall meetings held during my year as President. The goal of these meetings was to engage members from different parts of the state and give everyone a voice. Moving forward, these town hall/district meetings will continue to be held but will offer CE’s in exchange for attendance.

Furthermore, I am sure you have received emails regarding the roll out of the much anticipated Guild OPEIU Health and Welfare plan. Thank you to those who have enrolled. We need two more Doctors to enroll to meet the minimum numbers required to provide this benefit to members in our state. They are keeping the enrollment open until August 30, 2019 in an effort to include Illinois in the Guild’s Health and Welfare plan. If you have any questions regarding enrollment please contact the CDS Administrators 1-877-578-8710 directly or you can call the IPMA office at 312-427-5810.

Political advocacy is the one of the primary roles of our organization. We need your help! Please log on to APMA.org, under Advocacy click on e-advocacy, and “Support the HELLPP Act Today” by sending an email to your legislator. This will mandate DPM’s inclusion in Medicaid policies, which is a must for parity with our MD and DO colleagues.

In closing, I look forward to seeing all of you at this year’s IPMA Annual Meeting. It will be held at The Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg October 24-26. Your attendance to this meeting is imperative as we will discuss our legislative goals and conduct our annual business meeting which includes voting on our bylaws revision. I’ll see you all in October.


President, Illinois Podiatric Medical Association


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