Membership Matters

New Members since the November 2018 Newsletter

Post Graduate Members and Fellowship Members
Berry Byrd, DPM
Lisa Harrison, DPM
Maheen Ahmad, DPM
Eli Lebovits, DPM

First Year Associates
Edward A. Uram III, DPM
Anna Tien, DPM
David A. Kretch, DPM
Zubair A. Khan, DPM
Zain H. Rizvi, DPM

Second Year Associates
Muhammad A. Shah, DPM
Djana Mirkovic, DPM

Third Year Associates
Matthew Krouse, DPM
Jeffrey W. Moy, DPM
Edward C. Elliott, DPM

Active / Reinstated Members
Vipul M. Patel, DPM
Peter C. Tsang, DPM
Mark A. Smith, DPM
Rebecca Leapman, DPM

Applications for Status Change
These members have been approved for changes in membership type

Senior Members Ping-Hung Chan, DPM
Richard J. Powers, DPM
Mary C. White, DPM

For Members who have chosen the 4 Installment Payment Plan, the 1st of 4 payments is due by February 28, 2019. To access and pay online:

  • Go to
  • LOG IN
  • Enter your APMA number as your LOG IN ID
  • Enter your IPMA Password
  • Go to MY PROFILE
  • Click on Manage my Profile
  • Go to Invoicing, Payments & History
  • Click on Invoices
  • Click on Dues
  • Check box for Invoice to be Paid
  • Click on Pay Selected Invoices
  • Enter credit card information
  • Submit Payment

Contact Karen Lake at 630-537-9746 for assistance.

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