Letter from The President

Dear IPMA Members,

Thank you for your service to our profession and for your membership. The feedback from our 2018 Annual Meeting has been received and is appreciated. Your responses support moving our 2019 Annual Meeting to the month of October, and continue to endorse our high quality lecture content. Members also spoke highly of the food, and the Renaissance Hotel in Schaumburg, but some would like consideration to have the meeting move downstate. The Board of Directors will continue to consider the future of its Annual Meeting which includes location and possible collaboration. In an effort to gain greater attendance to all lectures during the 2019 Annual Meeting, we will decrease our registration fees, run only two lecture tracts, and work hard to continue to provide quality educational lecture content.

One of my goals this year is to try and reach out to our current members and recruit new non-members to the Illinois Podiatric Medical Association. We currently have 701 members and 316 non-members. After reviewing the distribution of current members and non-members, I will divide the state into regions and hold town-hall meetings. The locations of the first group of town-hall meetings will be Aurora, Springfield and Chicago. The goal of these meetings is to recruit new members and meet with current members. The topics I plan to discuss are unlimited licensure, statewide legislative goals, and provide information about the Guild’s new health care insurance and 401K plans. Questions and discussions during these meetings are always welcomed. Keep your eyes open as an invitation will be sent out to members and non-members 2-4 weeks prior to the town-hall event. Furthermore, we have a list of current members and their congressional districts. If you could contact Karen Lake at the IPMA office to review and verify this list, that would be helpful as we would like to have members in each respective districts attend a legislative event. Attendance at these events may be eligible for funding by IPMA and we would provide you with a note card of legislative items to discuss along with things you would like to discuss with your congressman/woman. If you are incorrectly categorized let us know either your updated home address or who is your correct state representative is so that we may update our records.

As you can see we at IPMA has its work cut out for us. We strive to provide you with tangible benefit for your membership. Any comments, concerns, or discussion is always welcomed. We have important elections right around the corner. Educate yourself on the candidates and get out to vote. Thank you for all of your letters and actions of opposition towards CMS and the consolidation of E/M codes. I am proud to report that 358 of our state members took action. APMA is closely monitoring the situation and will alert us to any updates. Our state and national focus legislatively is our HELLPP ACT. If passed, this legislation will recognize Podiatrists as Physicians under Medicaid. This would ensure access for America’s most vulnerable population, to specialized foot and ankle care by Podiatrists. We need all of you to log on to APMA.org, click on Advocacy, then click on eAdvocacy and send your letter of support. By sending letters it will secure that our Bill is scored accurately which impacts its level of priority.

Lastly, November kicks off Diabetes Awareness Month. Our very own President-Elect, Dr. Patrick McEneaney, will be interviewed on The Jam November 1, 2018. He will be discussing diabetes and preventative measures for Diabetics as it relates to foot health. We will run our customary Comcast, Fox 32, and Me-TV/WCIU ads throughout our state during the Month of November. We also listened to our member’s feedback and have extended our marketing reach to include Rockford, Champaign, Springfield, Peoria, and Chicago.



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