Membership Matters

The deadline for payment of 2018-2019 Membership dues is August 30, 2018. Memberships with NO PAYMENT as of August 30th will be SUSPENDED.

Payment can be made online by going to

  •  Sign In
  • Member Log In
  • Enter APMA Number
  • Enter Password
  • My Profile
  • Manage My Profile
  • Invoicing, Payment & History
  • Dues
  • Invoice to be Paid
  • Pay Selected Invoice

Call Karen Lake at 630-537-9746 to see if you have outstanding invoices.

New Members Since February 2018

Christopher L. Clement, DPM

Post Graduate
Anas Atallah, DPM
Christopher Cklamovski, DPM
Vishal Desai, DPM
Dana Gustafson, DPM
Brandon Lee, DPM
Nathan Muaren, DPM
Amit Raj, DPM
Nadia Sadeghi, DPM
Hoang Yen Tran, DPM

First Year Associate
Anna Tien, DPM

Second Year
Ameet Thakrar, DPM

Frederick H. Miller, DPM
Mark Ryerson, DPM

Lisa Rechkemmer, DPM

Julia Sinclair-Butts, DPM

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